Erotica Tycoon


Okay.. you've had a bit of bad luck. Your career as movie director has failed.. badly. You're almost broke, about to be kicked out of your apartment, pretty much shunned in all of Hollywood, and then it hits you. Literally.. one of your aunt's goons hits you on the back of your head. You had been succesfully trying to evade your aunt for years, but now the day of reckoning has come. Your aunt has come to collect the money you still owe her.

Through your own congeniality you manage to convince your aunt to give you one last chance to pay back your debt. It won't be easy but your idea of producing adult content has your aunt intrigued. Now just to find people that are willing to have sex in front of your camera. The location to shoot at is simple, a cheap motel room will do. But everything else will be a journey of a lifetime!

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Producing content at a cheap motel room is fine in the beginning. But soon you'll start to experience the limitations of it so much that it'll start to influence your income. So it's time for the next big step, renting your own office!

By renting your office, your company can finally expand and rise in the ranks of the adult industry. Built new movie sets to keep your fans from seeing the same room with a different guy all the time, and built production offices to increase the production quality.

The choice in what to built is yours!

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The most important thing to produce good adult content is to have good actors. Well, you won't be able to get the best. Not even the mediocre ones. Not until you've risen in the ranks atleast. So starting with some amateurs actors that would like to get funky in front of your camera's is inescapable. On the plus side, these amateurs are a lot cheaper than the pro's and you're willing to train them, right?

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  • Experience the golden ages of the adult industry, the 80's and 90's.
  • Built your own adult movie studio from the ground up. Start in a motel room and end in a multi-floor office.
  • Over fifty movie sets to keep productions fresh and the setting current on the era.
  • Over fifty characters to hire as stars for your productions!
  • Over twenty production offices to be built!
  • Over twenty in-game locations to visit for missions, equipment and new stars.
  • Your studio, your control! No matter if you want to shoot gay or straight porn!
  • Plan your productions ahead with up to three production teams that can work on your productions.
  • Get white-lable orders from the content broker in town or handle the distribution yourself for higher income.
  • Contains full nudity and sex.