SHC update released & Merry Christmas

Hi everyone!

Today we released the update to v1.01 of Super Health Club.
This update contains some of the most requested bug fixes and many... many grammar & spelling fixes.


To see the complete patch notes, and to download the update, please see the download page:


shc boxed 1

Early last week, we finally received the DVD's from the presses and were we finally able to finish preparing all the packages shipping. This was a bit later than originally planned due to hold ups at the presses, but most of you in Europe should have received it about now.

Now that we shipped all pre-ordered orders, we were finally able to see exactly how many physical items we have left and put those back online at the OONYX Shop.
So if you were wondering if the FanBox would be returning... We have a couple left on the store! But once those are sold out, it becomes a convention only item.


shc boxed 2

On the photo; The complete Fanbox Set + the Free Gift Cards

Some of you have also been reminding us, not to forget our promise of putting the Gift Print Cards online for those of you that pre-ordered the Download versions of Super Health Club.


Don't worry, we haven't forgotten!
On OONYX Shop, under the merchandise category, you'll find the Character Cards. And if you are logged in with the account you pre-ordered Super Health Club with, that item will be discounted 100%. So you can also get those cards for free (shipping excluded)


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!