Pizza Boy Giorgio

Pizza Boy Giorgio
About Pizza Boy Giorgio

After relocating to a new neighborhood, you find a pizza restaurant that’s open till late at night and has charming staff. And there’s one staff member in particular that caught your eye.
Giorgio is a handsome 25-year-old with Italian & American roots. Working at the restaurant to pay for all that is important in life. His rent, his car, and his hair gel.

Will you become the next important thing is his life or will you sizzle and burn?

New in edition 8

– Introducing the Day feature!

No longer will you have to get to third base upon first meeting him but you must now built-up your relationship with Giorgio over in-game day’s time!

– from 3 to 9 different storylines to figure out!

A much-requested wish was that you guys wanted more and longer storylines to figure out.
And with Edition 8, we’ve done soo. We’ve tripled the number of storylines to 9 in total. Creating a more unique and ever-changing experience and increased replay value.

– rebuilt 1st and 2nd base!

To create a much smoother gameplay experience during the 1st and 2nd base, we’ve rebuilt them for almost 100%.
Transitions are now much smoother and together with the new control options, which were also on high demand, you notice the difference right from the start.


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