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FREE | Palm Island Resort – Pages 1 to 15
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X3 | Million Dollar Fighter – pages 1 to 29
X3 | Million Dollar Fighter – pages 1 to 29  
Million Dollar Fighter – Samyd Bata
Perhaps not the sharpest tool of the bunch, be he isn’t a fool either. If you live your whole life in the shadow of your “Bigger” big brother, wouldn’t you grab the opportunity to outdo your brother by winning one million dollars?
Character profile – Finn Robertson
When life knocks you down, you hit it the f*ck back. Street brawler by heart, Finn isn’t here to make friends. If it were up to him, he wouldn’t even be there. But when opportunities for payback appear, why not kill two birds with one stone?
Million Dollar Fighter – Starting June 21 8pm CEST
The TV industry is a hard-knock world. And the world around the TV show “Million Dollar Fighter” especially so. For the chance of winning one million dollars, ten muscular men must proof to the world that they are the strongest fighter. Forced to be in the studio’s “Fighters Dorm” with nine other guys and tv...
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